Thursday, 29 September 2011

Day 270 - One Thousand Wasps

Day 270 - One Thousand Wasps by magirob
Day 270 - One Thousand Wasps, a photo by magirob on Flickr.

24/9/11 - Ok, This is something I have wanted to do for a while now, a mini series within my larger photo project, This mini series is entitled 'One Friend, One Object'.

The purpose of 'One Friend, One Object' is to choose one object for one of my friends, the object may not mean anything to anyone else, but to me and hopefully the friend it will mean a lot.

My first friend is Helen McGregor, a wonderful lady who lives in Oxford with some cats on a canal boat. her object is this matchbox and inside this matchbox there are one thousand wasps, yes a THOUSAND wasps. this matchbox full of wasps still makes me laugh a whole year after I found out about it and I thank Helen for those laughs (see I am laughing now just thinking about it)

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