Saturday, 30 April 2011

Day 118 - Dandy Lions

Day 118 - Dandy Lions by magirob
Day 118 - Dandy Lions, a photo by magirob on Flickr.

28/4/11 - Lots of these Dandelion Clocks were growing in my garden, I got a few snaps of them and then the breeze whisked them all away to fairy land. I talk rubbish sometimes.

Friday, 29 April 2011

Day 117 - Setting Sail

Day 117 - Setting Sail by magirob
Day 117 - Setting Sail, a photo by magirob on Flickr.

27/4/11 - Here was the view of Tenerife as we set sail towards Gran Canaria. Its a rather nice rugged landscape, its a shame that there was nothing much to do.

Day 116 - Pepper Pot

Day 116 - Pepper Pot by magirob
Day 116 - Pepper Pot, a photo by magirob on Flickr.

26/4/11 - I saw this in La Corunna and thought it looked just like a pepper pot, I think its a guard house or something.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Day 115 - Lisbon

Day 115 - Lisbon by magirob
Day 115 - Lisbon, a photo by magirob on Flickr.

25/4/11 - Here is one of the last photos I took with My Nice Nikon lens before i dropped it and broke it :o( Don't worry, I got a new one just down the road for a bargain price :D

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Day 114 - Surfers

Day 114 - Surfers by magirob
Day 114 - Surfers, a photo by magirob on Flickr.

24/4/11 - Here are some Surfers in La Corunna. Many parts of the town reminded me of areas of Cornwall so the surfers seemed quite at home.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Day 113 - Torre de Hércules

Day 113 - Torre de Hércules by magirob
Day 113 - Torre de Hércules, a photo by magirob on Flickr.

23/4/11 - At 1900 years old this is the oldest working roman lighthouse in the world.
Hercules slew the giant tyrant Geryon after three days and three nights of continuous battle, then buried the head of Geryon with his weapons and ordered that a city and be built on the site.

Day 112 - Thistle Do

Day 112 - Thistle Do by magirob
Day 112 - Thistle Do, a photo by magirob on Flickr.

22/4/11 - Another Surprise location while on my cruise was La Coruna in Northern Spain, I really liked it there, I lot of history and its quite a pretty place. Saw this on a walk along the coast to the lighthouse.

Day 111 - Lisbon Morning

Day 111 - Lisbon Morning by magirob
Day 111 - Lisbon Morning, a photo by magirob on Flickr.

21/4/11 - The Sail into Lisbon is always worth a look, From the Atlantic and up the Tejo River then under the Ponte 25 de Abril (25th of April Bridge), Its always an early morning arrival in Lisbon and you catch the sun rising behind the bridge, quite magnificent.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Day 110 - Washing Day

Day 110 - Washing Day by magirob
Day 110 - Washing Day, a photo by magirob on Flickr.

20/4/11 - Here is just one of the many scenes I noticed while wandering around Gran Canaria :D

Day 109 - Santa Ana

Day 109 - Santa Ana by magirob
Day 109 - Santa Ana, a photo by magirob on Flickr.

19/4/11 - This is the View from the top of the Cathedral de Santa Ana in Gran Canaria, I was impressed with Gran Canaria, its a really nice place.

Day 108 - Big Red Fish

Day 108 - Big Red Fish by magirob
Day 108 - Big Red Fish, a photo by magirob on Flickr.

18/4/11 - I Love Spanish markets, they are full of so many amazing colours, smells and sounds. These fish seemed very popular.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Day 107 - Little Ship

Day 107 - Little Ship by magirob
Day 107 - Little Ship, a photo by magirob on Flickr.

7/4/11 - I saw this little ship in port one day and really liked it, thought it would make a lovely little ship to live on and travel around in.

Day 106 - Gran Canaria

Day 106 - Gran Canaria by magirob
Day 106 - Gran Canaria, a photo by magirob on Flickr.

16/4/11 - Here I am in front of the MV Ventura just as we head off into town for an explore, I liked Gran Canaria, nothing like I imagined it would be like.

Day 105 - Tenerife

Day 105 - Tenerife by magirob
Day 105 - Tenerife, a photo by magirob on Flickr.

15/4/11 - Here is Nat pointing to the point of the pointy thing, its an odd building in Tenerife and its about the most interesting thing in Santa Cruz de Tenerife I think.

Day 104 - Number 22

Day 104 - Number 22 by magirob
Day 104 - Number 22, a photo by magirob on Flickr.

14/4/11 - I love doors, I think they all have a story to tell and secrets to hide. This one was in Madeira and it hid a room full of energetic polar bears on holiday.

Day 103 - Thar be whales!

Day 103 - Thar be whales!  by magirob
Day 103 - Thar be whales! , a photo by magirob on Flickr.

13/4/11 - We Saw Whales today, not dolphins but definately whales, These however are not whales or dolphins, they are flowers from the island of Madeira.

Day 102 - Lizards

Day 102 - Lizards by magirob
Day 102 - Lizards, a photo by magirob on Flickr.

12/4/11 - Here is a little lizard from the island of Madeira, while walking through some Gardens we saw lots and lots of them sitting in the sunshine.

Day 101 - MV Ventura

Day 101 - MV Ventura by magirob
Day 101 - MV Ventura, a photo by magirob on Flickr.

11/4/11 - Here I am back onboard the P&O cruise ship Venture on an 11 day cruise to the Canary Islands also stopping at Madeira, Lisbon, Vigo and La Coruna, you know its a hard life but someone has to do it.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Day 100 - London Underground

Day 100 - London Underground by magirob
Day 100 - London Underground, a photo by magirob on Flickr.

10/4/11 - Here is the London Underground in all its glory, Its day 100 today and I have decided to split this photo project up into 100s so this is the last of my first set of photos. Set 2 starts tomorrow when I Sail away on the P&O Ship MV Ventura to the Canary Islands, Woohoo.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Day 099 - The O2

Day 099 - The O2 by magirob
Day 099 - The O2, a photo by magirob on Flickr.

9/4/11 - This Twisty spire thing stands outside the O2 in London, its very shiny and tall.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Day 098 - Katherine Jenkins

Day 098 - Katherine Jenkins by magirob
Day 098 - Katherine Jenkins, a photo by magirob on Flickr.

8/4/11 - Here I am with the award winning multi million album selling Katherine Jenkins. I normally shy away from photos like this and cringe at the thought of running after celebs to get my photo taken with them but Katherine was so lovely I just felt I needed to get a pic, I could have put her in my pocket and taken her home with me.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Day 097 - Bunnies

Day 097 - Bunnies by magirob
Day 097 - Bunnies, a photo by magirob on Flickr.

7/4/11 - Here is Nat feeding some bunnies, Nooo not really, its Playmobile, as a kid Playmobile was my favourite toy. I still have loads (as you can see).

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Day 096 - Rose

Day 096 - Rose by magirob
Day 096 - Rose, a photo by magirob on Flickr.

6/4/11 - My Mum got some roses the other day, Its a lovely sunny day here today, makes me happy :)

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Day 095 - Ferns

Day 095 - Ferns by magirob
Day 095 - Ferns, a photo by magirob on Flickr.

5/4/11 - These Ferns are in my Conservatory and I kind of just snapped a quick pic of them while photographing other things.

Day 094 - Royal Victoria Country Park

4/4/11 - Here is the old Chapel of the Royal Victoria Country Park, the site of the Armys first purpose build military hospital, This Chapel is all that remains of the hospital and is now a heritage centre.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Day 093 - Wallflower

Day 093 - Wallflower by magirob
Day 093 - Wallflower, a photo by magirob on Flickr.

3/4/11 - Spotted this at Netley Abbey and thought it was a good scene. I lonely plant struggling to survive on a bare stone wall.

Day 092 - Netley Abbey

Day 092 - Netley Abbey by magirob
Day 092 - Netley Abbey, a photo by magirob on Flickr.

2/4/11 - Netley Abbey is the most complete surviving Cistercian monastery in southern England, It was abandoned in the late 18th century and its surprising how much is still standing after all these years.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Day 091 - Blossom

Day 091 - Blossum by magirob
Day 091 - Blossum, a photo by magirob on Flickr.

1/4/11 - No April fool today, just some pretty blossom which seems to be everywhere. no complaints about that but I did laugh when I saw a car totally covered in petals the other day.

Day 090 - Fawley

Day 090 - Fawley by magirob
Day 090 - Fawley, a photo by magirob on Flickr.

31/3/11 - This is Fawley oil refinery, its a huge blot on the edge of the New Forest National Park but I do like the way it looks kind of Blade Runner-ish and industrial.

Day 089 - NatNatNatNatNat

Day 089 - NatNatNatNatNat by magirob
Day 089 - NatNatNatNatNat, a photo by magirob on Flickr.

30/3/11 - Here is Nat, and Nat and the other 2 Nats and Nat too, He (they) wanted a new photo of himself (themselves) so here it is.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Day 088 - Police Box

Day 088 - Police Box by magirob
Day 088 - Police Box, a photo by magirob on Flickr.

29/3/11 - Here is a Police box, Yes its the outside of the Tardis and I think its the current Tardis (I am not up on my Tardis designs but It has a model of Matt Smith stood next to it so I am guessing its the current one)