Sunday, 25 March 2012

Day 449 - Southampton Water

Day 449 - Southampton Water by magirob
Day 449 - Southampton Water, a photo by magirob on Flickr.

23/3/12 - Sailing out of Southampton water and passing Calshot Spit I am greeted by this sight of Fawley Power Station just as the sun sinks below the horizon.

Day 448 - Imminent Departure

Day 448 - Imminent Departure by magirob
Day 448 - Imminent Departure, a photo by magirob on Flickr.

22/3/12 - Here is the MV Ventura moments before departure from Southampton Docks.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Day 447 - Colours of the Wind

Day 447 - Colours of the Wind by magirob
Day 447 - Colours of the Wind, a photo by magirob on Flickr.

21/3/12 - Here I am aboard the P&O Cruise Ship MV Ventura again, for a trip to Belgium Spain and France, its nice to see the ship have all its flags flying, I think it must be to celebrate the 175th anniversary of P&O.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Day 446 - Roses are Red, Violets are . . . . Purple?

20/3/12 - These little Violets are growing right in the middle of our Garden, how they got there I just don't know but they are nice so they can stay.

Day 445 - Southsea Lighthouse

Day 445 - Southsea Lighthouse by magirob
Day 445 - Southsea Lighthouse, a photo by magirob on Flickr.

19/3/12 - I took this shot as part of a timelapse project I am doing, Its Southsea castle and its lighthouse with Gosport in the distance. Southsea Lighthouse was added to the castle in 1828 and is still operational with a flashing white light visible up to 11 miles away.

Day 444 - Tranquility

Day 444 - Tranquility by magirob
Day 444 - Tranquility, a photo by magirob on Flickr.

18/3/12 - Another shot of the groynes on Southsea beach, this was a 30 second exposure at f/16 if your interested in that kind of thing.

Day 443 - Serenity

Day 443 - Serenity by magirob
Day 443 - Serenity, a photo by magirob on Flickr.

17/3/12 - I love these wooden posts on Southsea Beach, the lights in the distance are on Spitbank Fort.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Day 442 - The Bandstand

Day 442 - The Bandstand by magirob
Day 442 - The Bandstand, a photo by magirob on Flickr.

16/3/12 - Here is the bandstand moments after sunset, the sunset was beautiful this evening, I watched the sun disappear below the horizon, something I find very magical.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Day 441 - The Hard

Day 441 - The Hard by magirob
Day 441 - The Hard, a photo by magirob on Flickr.

15/3/12 - While taking a few photos of HMS Warrior I snapped a couple of the Spinnaker tower too, I have never photographed it from this angle before.

Day 440 - HMS Warrior

Day 440 - HMS Warrior by magirob
Day 440 - HMS Warrior, a photo by magirob on Flickr.

14/3/12 - Here is HMS Warrior as it appears after dark, She is a beautiful ship and is now over 160 years old.

Day 439 - Get Up!

Day 439 - Get Up! by magirob
Day 439 - Get Up!, a photo by magirob on Flickr.

13/3/12 - I took this last week and I have just decided to post it, It was awkward to to as there was a man who was wandering about watching what I was doing.

Day 438 - Tipner

Day 438 - Tipner by magirob
Day 438 - Tipner, a photo by magirob on Flickr.

12/3/12 - On the way home tonight I stopped off and had another go at a startrails photo, this was taken from the Mountbatten Centre, its a stacked image of 43 images all at 25 seconds exposure each.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Day 437 - Boats

Day 437 - Boats by magirob
Day 437 - Boats, a photo by magirob on Flickr.

11/3/12 - Another shot from my wander around Port Solent yesterday.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Day 436 - Four of a Kind

Day 436 - Four of a Kind by magirob
Day 436 - Four of a Kind, a photo by magirob on Flickr.

10/3/12 - I popped to the Park today for a play around with some photos, I hate doing these things in public, people wandering past wondering what the hell I am doing, ha ha.

Day 435 - Branching Out

Day 435 - Branching Out by magirob
Day 435 - Branching Out, a photo by magirob on Flickr.

9/2/12 - I was wondering around the local park after taking a few pics and snapped a few of this tree.

Day 434 - Port Solent

Day 434 - Port Solent by magirob
Day 434 - Port Solent, a photo by magirob on Flickr.

8/3/12 - I had to pop to Port Solent today and I wandered around having a look at the boats too, I was amazed with how still the water was, the reflections were awesome.

Day 434 - Another Brick

Day 434 - Another Brick by magirob
Day 434 - Another Brick, a photo by magirob on Flickr.

7/3/12 - I spent e few hours tonight taking pics around Portsmouth, there was a heavy mist so had to watch out for my camera as it kept getting damp.

Day 433 - Production Line

Day 433 - Production Line by magirob
Day 433 - Production Line, a photo by magirob on Flickr.

6/3/12 - I spent some of today making a new magic trick for my kids act, these were the first ones I made and I am pretty pleased with how they came out so I think I am going to make a few more.

Day 432 - Dew

Day 432 - Dew by magirob
Day 432 - Dew, a photo by magirob on Flickr.

5/3/12 - I saw this massive weed in our garden this morning and it was covered in dew, it looked quite nice (for a weed).

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Day 431 - Old Portsmouth

Day 431 - Old Portsmouth by magirob
Day 431 - Old Portsmouth, a photo by magirob on Flickr.

4/3/12 - Another shot with the tilt shift camera, this time from Gunwharf towards Old Portsmouth.

Day 430 - Thames Barge

Day 430 - Thames Barge by magirob
Day 430 - Thames Barge, a photo by magirob on Flickr.

3/3/12 - I often see this Thames barge in Gunwharf, its such a nice boat, so here it is with my tilt shift camera

Day 429 - Tilt Beach

Day 429 - Tilt Beach by magirob
Day 429 - Tilt Beach, a photo by magirob on Flickr.

2/3/12 - I have been playing around with my Tilt Shift camera a lot more recently and I am getting to like the results much more and more, I have to play around with the settings a bit but there are some interesting results.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Day 428 - Pebble Heart

Day 428 - Pebble Heart by magirob
Day 428 - Pebble Heart, a photo by magirob on Flickr.

1/3/12 - Nat made this nice pebble heart on the beach today, I took a photo of it with my tilt shift camera, I like the way it came out.

Day 427 - Pole Company

Day 427 - Pole Company by magirob
Day 427 - Pole Company, a photo by magirob on Flickr.

29/2/12 - Another photo of the Groins on Southsea beach with the pier in the background. I let Nat name this photo for me if you were wondering, he he.

Day 426 - Southsea Beach

Day 426 - Southsea Beach by magirob
Day 426 - Southsea Beach, a photo by magirob on Flickr.

28/2/12 - We had a nice walk along the beach and around Southsea today, I spotted these groins (I think they are groins) and love the way they have been eroded by the waves.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Day 425 - Beach Huts

Day 425 - Beach Huts by magirob
Day 425 - Beach Huts, a photo by magirob on Flickr.

27/3/12 - I Love these beach huts in Southsea, they are pretty well hidden behind some hedges but you can catch glimpses of them as you pass the Rose Gardens.

Day 424 - Spring

Day 424 - Spring by magirob
Day 424 - Spring, a photo by magirob on Flickr.

26/2/11 - Spring has finally arrived, and what a welcome sight it is, I love seeing everything coming to life.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Day 423 - Shoes

Day 423 - Shoes by magirob
Day 423 - Shoes, a photo by magirob on Flickr.

25/2/12 - There seems to be a ghost in my shoes, I saw this idea a while ago and thought I would have a go with it, I need to find a puddle with more sky around it, finding the puddle shouldn't be a problem :o)

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Day 422 - Home and Away

Day 422 - Home and Away by magirob
Day 422 - Home and Away, a photo by magirob on Flickr.

24/2/12 - Time for a bit of a mess around with some photos in the garden, and here is my identical twin brother too :D

Day 421 - Ready to show

Day 421 - Ready to show by magirob
Day 421 - Ready to show, a photo by magirob on Flickr.

23/2/12 - I love this time of year, everything is starting to show signs of life, the garden is teetering on the verge of putting on a show, how very exciting.